Document Management

Running a sports league requires that multiple administrators maintain a multitude of documents including medical releases, concussion training and awareness forms, volunteer applications, birth certifcates and the list goes on. has the answer.

  • Online Storage - Store your documents securely online and keep them for the life of the player
  • Stop duplication - No need to collect the same documents every single year from the same person
    • Once it has been uploaded and approved, there is no need to collect it again
  • Tracking and Workflow - Track all requirements necessary for every player, volunteer and parent
  • Distributed Transparency - Transparency all the way down to your coaches
    • Transition from compliance being an administrative burden to being as simple as clicking a few boxes
  • Automated Notification - Notify parents of documents that are missing in a few easy keystrokes
  • End-User Upload - Give parents and coaches a direct link to upload documents directly to the system
    • Queue documents so that administrators can check validity and approve into the system