At, the security of your data is our utmost priority.  We recognize the sensitive nature of the data that is stored within your league management system.

Several key features have been implemented in order to protect not only your security,but the security of your members:

  • Industry standard TLS 1.2 encryption - Ensures that data is securely transmitted between your computer and our servers 
  • We never store your password - Instead we utilize a method called hashing
    • ‚Äč Hashing guarantees your identity, but at the same time, your password is never stored
  • All of your documents are encrypted using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) - By using PKI, we add an additional layer of security for the most sensitive information that is stored
    • Not only does our application control who can access these documents, but the actual document is unreadable without an authorized individual's password
    • PKI is very complex and resource intensive (aka expensive) to implement
  • Simple separation of duties - Individuals are only given access to the areas that they absolutely need access to and no more
  • Easy to use Role Based Access Control (RBAC) - Have you ever had someone leave your board... it happens?
    • With segregation of duties this exact scenario could be a nightmare - RBAC is the answer
    • You tell what person has what role in the organization and they are granted the rights they need to do their work