was created by business partners Tim First and Matt Holleman, based on their experience managing and operating a large, all volunteer, Little League organization from the top down.  Each partner has many years of industry IT experience and both have graduate level education in areas such as International Business and Homeland Security.  

With experience in all aspects of running a complex operation, as well as out of necessity due to overwhelming workloads; the concept of a "one stop shop" was created, and a great deal of brainstorming was done in an attempt to assemble a usable product that would make running the organization smoother and more efficient than the traditional paper-based method that was being used previously.  Saving the league money and valuable volunteer time was a top priority.

In 2012, the first version of the web-based application was born and the concept was an immediate hit amongst Little League leaders within the local league as well as at the district level.  As necessity is known to be the mother of invention; the pair continued to hone their ideas and create an exciting experience that continues today.  

In 2014, the idea of marketing the application outside of the local league took off and we are proud to offer the best and most comprehensive league management experience available on the market today.